Celtic Canines

Our Celtic Canine venue is home to a virtual family reunion of several Celtic dog breeds.  Festival guests will be able to see and pet Celtic breeds, including the Irish Wolfhound, Bearded Collies, Dandie Dinmonts, Border Collies and more. 


The dog handlers are very knowledgeable of their breeds standards and history. This K9 venue also features local animal shelters that bring dogs to the festival available for adoption. If you're thinking of adding to your family the Saline Celtic Festival offers a great way to meet and greet dogs looking for forever homes.


Only registered animals are permitted on Festival grounds


A History of Celtic Dogs
Celtic dogs breeds were commonly depicted in Celtic life and history. Dog symbols are seen in Celtic jewelry, tapestries, carvings, clothing, etc. Celtic dogs as symbols, just like all symbols, signs, or totems, hold incredible power and fascination for us all.

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