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Entry Fees and pre-paid tickets costs are non-refundable. FUSTA-MW receives $1.00 donation from each entry to aid in the development of Scottish dancing in the region.


All entries submitted after July 7, please contact Cindy Kopenski at


Entry Fees

Primary: $15.00
Pre-Premier: $24.00
Premier: $28.00

July 15, 2017 Schedule

10:00 am Registration for all categories

10:30 am Dancing begins with the Lilt followed by the Primary Pas de Bas. Premier Dancers will finish their National dances. while Pre-Premier dancers are changing.


Primary Awards
Judge: Sherry Sim, Embro, Ontario

Dance Events

Pre-Premier awards will be to 6 places when groups permit.


  1. 16 Pas De Bas
  2. Pas De Bas and High-Cuts
  3. Highland Fling-4
  4. Sword Dance-2 & 1


  1. Scottish Lilt-4
  2. Highland Fling-4
  3. Sword Dance-2 & 1
  4. Seann Truibhas-3 & 1


  1. Scottish Lilt-4
  2. Highland Fling-4
  3. Sword Dance- 2 & 1
  4. Seann Truibhas 3 &1


  1. Scottish Lilt-4
  2. Flora-4
  3. Fling-4
  4. Seann Truibhas-3 &1

(Cash prizes for oldest group)

  1. Blue Bonnets-4
  2. Village Maid-4
  3. Fling-4
  4. Seann Truibhas-3 & 1

Rules & Procedures

  1. The dance competition will conform to SOBHD rules and standards. The decision of the Judge is final.
  2. The dancers are required to have a 2017 registration cards.
  3. Dancers will compete in their age groups according to their age on July 15, 2017.
  4. The competition committee reserves the right to combine or divide classes depending upon entries received.
  5. Dancers entering the competition first will dance last.
  6. A trophy will be awarded to the highest aggregate point winner in each age group. No trophy for Primary.
  7. “Most Promising Dancer “ will be awarded in each “Pre-Premier group.
  8. Communication with the judge or piper regarding the competition, by the competitor or other interested parties is not allowed. This may result in disqualification.
  9. Dancers must be ready and appear when called. Dancers failing to do so will forfeit their chance to dance in that event.
  10. Dancers must be in costume to receive awards.
  11. No field entries accepted.


Parking is located at Heritage Elementary School, 290 Woodland Drive, Saline MI 48176.

Bus transportation to the competition will be continuous. Dancer drop on the festival grounds will be permitted only until 9:30 am. After this time, transportation to the Festival gate will only be available by FREE shuttle only. Allow adequate time for this.


Cindy Kopenski
11983 Trailwood
Plymouth, MI 48170