Living History

Today’s modern Mounted Martial Equestrian Games include elements from thousands of years of military and war horse training. These elements include Dressage, Jumping, Jousting, Archery, Firearms, Swordsmanship and Cavalry.

The International Series Supports:
Operation Horses and Heroes is a non-profit organization that focuses on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) partnered with military personnel. This program was designed to promote overall wellbeing and establish an improved understanding of health, teamwork, and wellness.

Each year we run an amateur open event for men and women of all ages.


Events: Heavy and Light Weight for Distance, Weight Over Bar, Sheaf Toss, Caber Toss, and Braemar and Open Stone. (7 events!)

Several groups of creative reenactors attend our Festival each year, and do traditional Celtic Weaponry and Fencing Demonstrations.

The Ann Arbor Sword Club does demos and has interactive sword play throughout the day.

Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Stunt Troupe is a theatrical combat organization providing classes, training, custom fight choreography, fight direction, weapons rentals, and many other services to the public at large. They will be showing demonstrations all Saturday afternoon, and will perform their fire show Friday & Saturday evenings.

The term “clan” (from the Gaelic clann: children, offspring) is generally accepted as meaning “family”. A clan was a tribal society with the family unit as its basis and membership could result from marriage, adoption, land acquisition, having a needed specialized skill, etc.... All clan members were required to support the clan and in turn, the members fell under the protection of the clan. Clans were territorial, ruling over and defending their territories against threats to their sovereignty. Alliances and feuds were common among the clans. Although the term “clan” (clann) is not exclusively a Scottish term, Scotland readily comes to mind when it is used. The histories of the present day Scottish clans go back several hundred years, but the origin of the Scottish clan system has not been satisfactory determined.

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