2016 Festival Entertainment

goatBill Grogan’s Goat


Bill Grogan’s Goat is a collective of five Detroit musicians who have played on and off together for many years in the Detroit music scene. Over the span of their musical careers, the five have covered musical styles ranging from symphonic band music to hardcore punk rock and from solo Irish ballad singing to avant garde Jazz. All these influences come together to bring a fresh approach to classic Irish folk music, utilizing a rock band format of bass, drums, guitars and traditional instruments such as Irish bouzouki, tin whistle, mandolin, fiddle and highland pipes.

dragonwagonDragon Wagon


Dragon Wagon is Michigan Roots music at its finest! Each performance is built on originality, fun, and expert musicianship, quickly making the band one of Michigan’s premier bluegrass outfits.  Dragon Wagon’s honest sound and genuine crowd connection never disappoint, and appeal to all audiences. The combination of mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass, and drums guarantees an infectious energy that gets every crowd dancing! The band formed in 2008, and is now based in Ann Arbor, MI.



Hailing from County Saginaw in the State of Michigan, Equinox draws its inspiration from the music of Ireland and Scotland. Playing the traditional instruments: fiddle, whistles, concertina, bodhran, flute, bagpipes, guitar, bass, drums and voice, yet, with their own unique arrangements, Equinox transforms those familiar jigs, reels, strathspeys and hornpipes into reverent music that is dynamic and contemporary.

The Band currently features Vern Pococke on low whistle, drums and vocals, Jean Marie Learman on flute, whistle, concertina and vocals, Leslie Gregory on fiddle, and Kathy Morris on guitar, bodhran, whistle and vocals. Joining Equinox on Scottish Bagpipes is Dennis Lowe. They also have many diverse visual artists join their performances to create a musical experience for the eyes as well as the ears.

Beginning nearly twenty years ago as an amateur trio sharing Irish Pub songs at social gatherings, Equinox soon added more experienced musicians and developed an ear for the Celtic Revival Bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Their repertoire grew from Danny Boy and Whiskey in the Jar to include works by O’ Carolan, the Chieftains, and Brian McNeill.  They drew more upon the musical stylings of the bands that they listened to in their youth like the Byrds, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and Led Zeppelin. As a result, patrons are not only invigorated by the foot-stomping music of the Celtic Genre but are also pleasantly surprised with their rich and sophisticated arrangements which take this music far beyond its traditional roots.

stonecloverStone Clover


Stone Clover spins high energy antics into the traditional world of Irish music.  Not to be labeled as merely an Irish band the group draws influence from many different styles of music including, punk, metal, jazz, and folk.  They are best known for their original songs, but are just as comfortable playing traditional songs with their own arrangements.  The band is loved by kids of all ages, 1-100.  Pull up a pint and be ready for some fun!

brothercroweBrother Crowe


Hailing from Detroit—and damn proud of it—Brother Crowe has hammered through over 100 shows in a year, sometimes playing three gigs in a day. But now is their time to shine.

The band consists of two brothers, Derek (vocals/harmonica/mandolin) and Paul (guitars/vocals/piano). Brother Crowe’s purpose, is honing in on an New Country/Indie Folk sound that still possesses a somewhat traditional Americana style.

Paul, who along with his brother was influenced by his father’s love of Folk music, is dubbed Brother Crowes’ main songwriter. The duo works on music together, jamming out the skeletons of tunes until they’re finished.

“Derek will then fine tune some of the melodies and the lyrics a little bit, “Paul says. “He’s the one singing them. There are a few things that he’ll truncate or maybe he’ll change a phrase up, add a half verse or a full verse from what I originally wrote.  The songs definitely go through an element where we pound them into shape.”

The focus for Brother Crowe has been on original music, while trying to branch a tad outside of the box. This is the time for Brother Crowe, with the influx of indie folk acts on the radio.



Roane specializes in Celtic, Maritime, and American folk music. Our three enchanting lassies will inspire a love for all things Celtic as they raise their voices in harmony embracing the spirit of the their ancestors. Our Laddie plays several instruments and sings the foot-stomping shanties of the sea. Journey back in time with us as we share our passion for the sea and the ancient lands of olde!

corktownCorktown Popes


Founded in early 2010, The Corktown Popes set out to create something familiar, yet unique. We began by seeking out talented musicians with a penchant for energetic live performances and a strong Caledonian soul. We have found them. We’re not a celtic band, we’re not a rock band, but we’ve been accused of both. In addition, we’ve just won the Detroit Music Award’s Outstanding World Music Artist award for 2014!

peatinthecreelPeat in the Creel


 Peat in the Creel draws from Irish traditional music roots, at times nourished by the heritage of Scotland and broader world influences, to bring forth a range of energetic dance tunes, spirited folk songs, and peaceful melodies. The group’s namesake, a phrase inspired by a popular Scottish song lyric which literally wishes a basket laden with peat for fuel, metaphorically toasts to a bountiful future. Founded in 2011, the band is cut from the turf of West Michigan and enjoys performing throughout the region. Peat in the Creel features Alison Myers on flute, whistle, and vocals; Toby Bresnahan on bouzouki, guitar, and vocals; and Mike Mulder on bodhrán.

fiddlersSaline Fiddlers Philharmonic


A 21-piece string ensemble featured at over 80 performances annually, Fiddlers ReStrung proudly displays a diverse arrangement of styles. American Bluegrass, Celtic fiddle, popular folk, Appalachian Step-dancing, Progressive Acoustic, and more are all brought forward with a crisp, enterprising flair. They engage the audience with energy and witty charm, advocating a message of spontaneous enthusiasm born of a genuine live performance.

ReStrung consists of students at Saline High School, all of whom share in producing a unique ensemble truly their own. Working alongside leadership, students craft their own arrangements and help make organizational decisions. This collaborative ownership grants ReStrung an authentic creative edge that is clearly visible from the striking energy they portray on stage.  Students are chosen based not only on musical talent, but personal maturity as well.  They balance a demanding performance schedule while maintaining high standards in other school activities, sports, and academics.

diggersThe Diggers


JOHN L. SULLIVAN, BILL MISIUK and LEN WALLACE are The DIGGERS, a trio of singing and playing the best of Irish and Scottish folk music with tight performances, sweet harmonies and tunes that steal your breath away.

Based in the Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario areas, they’ve made a name for themselves in a nexus that stretches from south Western Ontario to Northern Michigan, Chicago, Illinois to Ohio and they have become favourites in many Irish and Scottish communities.

Their delivery is powerful and passionate. Bill is the steady and innovative bass guitar player providing the group’s heartbeat and drive and can be seen on stage early devising new arrangements and revising old licks. Len the accordionist (and a national Canadian champion) gearing himself to rev up the audience while preparing a set of pyrotechnical reels to take your breath away. John, on acoustic guitar, is the group’s centre with clear, ringing vocal leads giving his all be it a raucous pub song or the softer ballad.

Blue Caledonia


Ann Arbor Celtic Harpers

The Ann Arbor Celtic Harpers play Celtic music on folk harps, also called Celtic or Lever Harps. They meet periodically, sponsor concerts and workshop, and occasionally perform. Led by Carol Kappus, a harper and singer specializing in the music of Scotland.