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Stage Listing

Red Dragon (main music stage)
Brecon (music stage)
Dublin (dance stage)
Edinburgh (dance competition stage)
Glasgow (acoustic/pipe bands stage)

Dragon Stage

Friday, 6:00 pm  Raven Song

Friday, 8:00 pm  The Waxies

Friday, 10:00 pm   Stone Clover

Saturday, 12:00 pm  Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic

Saturday, 1:40 pm  Motor City Irish Dance

Saturday, 2:35 pm  Roane

Saturday, 3:40 pm  Irish Dance Company of Lansing

Saturday, 4:30 pm  Equinox

Saturday, 6:00 pm  Nessa

Saturday, 7:30 pm  The Tosspints

Saturday, 9:00 pm  Dragon Wagon

Saturday, 10:30 pm  Corktown Popes


Brecon Stage

Saturday, 1:00 pm  Nessa

Saturday, 2:00 pm  Brother Crowe

Saturday, 3:05 pm  Peat in the Creel

Saturday, 4:20 pm  Motor City Irish Dance

Saturday, 5:20 pm  Roane

Saturday, 6:15 pm  Brother Crowe

Saturday, 7:20 pm  Equinox


Dublin Stage

Friday, 6:00 pm  Ceili Dance Workshop

Friday, 7:30 pm  English/Contra Dance Workshop

Saturday, 12:00 pm  Emerald Irish Dance Company

Saturday, 12:30 pm  Tartan & Thistle Dance

Saturday, 1:45 pm  Irish Dance Company of Lansing

Saturday, 2:45 pm  Damsha Ulsce Ban Mor

Saturday, 4:00 pm  Commonwealth Dance

Saturday, 5:00 pm  Emerald Irish Dance Company

Saturday, 6:15 pm  Dancin’ Feet

Saturday, 7:00 pm  Ann Arbor Morris Dance


Edinburgh Stage

Friday, 7:15 pm  Irish Step Dance Workshop

Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  Highland Dance Competition

Saturday, 5:00 pm  Ann Arbor Celtic Harpers

Saturday, 6:15 pm  Peat in the Creel

Saturday, 7:15 pm  Nessa (open dance)


Glasgow Stage

Friday, 8:30 pm  Celtic Jam Seisun Workshop

Saturday, 12:00 pm  Ensoleil (Celtic Connections)

Saturday, 1:30 pm  Nutshell Trio

Saturday, 6:00 pm  Celtic Jam