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Stage Listing

Red Dragon (main music stage)
Brecon (music stage)
Dublin (dance stage)
Edinburgh (dance competition stage)
Glasgow (acoustic/pipe bands stage)
Park Pavilion (music)

Red Dragon Stage
Friday, 8:00 pm  Square Pegz

Saturday, 12:00 pm  Fiddlers Restrung

Saturday, 1:30 pm  Chelsea House Orchestra

Saturday, 3:00 pm  RUNA

Saturday, 4:15 pm  Irish Dance Company of Lansing

Saturday, 5:15 pm  Jeremy Kittel Band

Saturday, 6:45 pm  Prydein

Saturday, 8:00 pm  RUNA

Saturday, 9:30 pm  Barleyjuice

Brecon Stage
Friday, 6:30 pm

Saturday, 11:30 am  Finvarra’s Wren

Saturday, 1:00 pm  RUNA

Saturday, 2:30 pm  Jeremy Kittel Band

Saturday, 4:00 pm  Prydein

Saturday, 5:45 pm  Finvarra’s Wren

Saturday, 7:15 pm  Jeremy Kittel Band

Saturday, 8:45 pm  Prydein

Dublin Stage
Friday, 6:30 pm  Irish Seisun

Friday, 8:00 pm  Irish Ceili Dance

Saturday, 11:45 am  Dancin’ w Delia

Saturday, 12:30 pm  Tartan and Thistle Scottish Country Dancers

Saturday, 1:45 pm  Irish Dance Company of Lansing

Saturday, 2:45 pm  Damhsa Ulsce Ban Mor/Ceili Dance Workshop

Saturday, 4:00 pm  CommonWealth Dance Collective

Saturday, 5:00 pm  Dancin’ with Delia Irish Dance School/Ceili Dance Workshop

Saturday, 6:15 pm  Dancin’ Feet School of Gaelic Culture and Dance/Cape Breton Step Dance Workshop

Saturday, 7:00 pm  Ann Arbor Morris

Friday, 8:00 pm  English County/Contra Dance

Saturday, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm  Highland Dance Competition

Saturday, 5:00 pm  Ann Arbor Celtic Harpers

Saturday, 6:15 pm  Young Artists Showcase

Saturday, 12:15 pm  Celtic Connections

Saturday, 1:00 pm  Flint Scottish Pipe Band

Saturday, 1:30 pm  Nutshell

Saturday, 2:00 pm  Glen Erin Pipe Band

Saturday, 2:30 pm  Craggy Island Ceili Band

Saturday, 3:00 pm  Grand Rapids Pipe Band

Saturday, 3:30 pm  Craggy Island Ceili Band

Saturday, 4:00 pm  Cabar Feidh Pipe Band

Saturday, 4:30 pm  Christine Hedden

Saturday, 5:00 pm  Massed Bands

Saturday, 6:00 pm   Celtic Jam: Irish Seisún

Park Pavilion
Saturday, 1:00 pm  Celtic Sing Along

Saturday, 2:00 pm  Ensoleil

Saturday, 2:45 pm  Nutshell

Saturday, 3:30 pm  Finvarra’s Wren Stories & Music