The Festival Schedule often changes in the weeks leading up to the Main Event. We do our best to update it here as changes occur, and an up-to-date schedule will be available upon your arrival to the Festival grounds.

Saline Celtic Festival Schedule - Friday 


5:00 pm Shuttle Service Begins, Gate Opens
6:00 pm Entertainment begins


Food and Beer available

Merchants area open

Main Stage Schedule:

  • 6:00pm - Ironwood

  • 7:30pm - The Codgers

  • 8:45pm - Mr. Pretty Legs in a Kilt Competition (register on-site)

  • 9:15pm - Phoenix Theory

  • 10:45pm - Ring of Steel, Fire Show


Music & Dance Workshops:

Workshops that will be in various tents/locations around the entrance to the festival beginning at 6:00pm:

  • Stepdance w/ Marcel Lim (Teaching Sean Nos' - very old Irish Step Dance) on the Highland dance Stage

  • Tin Whistle with John Driscoll            

  • Bodhran with Tristan Pruss                                             

  • Fiddle with Marty Somberg                                        

  • Sea Shanty singing with Carol Mohr                                     

6:00pm  Contra on Brecon Stage with Martha Vander Kolk         

               Music for Contra: Michael Bean and Vee Rose Cieri  

7:00pm  Adult Irish Dancing Group, Brecon Stage           

7:30-9:00 Ceili Dance on Brecon Stage with Liz Heinzman (from Ardan Dance Academy)         

                       Music for ceili by Michael Bean and V                                                                   

7:30 Session led by DIMA     

11:30 pm Last call in Beer Tent

Midnight Shuttle Service Ends

Saline Celtic Festival Schedule - Saturday

7:00 am Shuttle Service Begins
8:30 am Highland Dance Registration, Edinburgh
10:00 am  Gates Open
Merchant’s Area Open, Field
10:30 am – 5:00 pm  Highland Dance Competition, Edinburgh
11:00 am - Opening Ceremony with Massed Bands

12:00pm - Wee Folks Island Opens

Main Stage Schedule:

12:00pm - Nessa

1:30pm - The Moxie Strings

3:00pm - Brother Crowe

4:30pm - CrossBow

6:00pm - The Moxie Strings

7:15pm - Motor City Dance

7:45pm - Brother Crowe

9:30pm - CrossBow

10:30pm - All Band Grand Finale

10:45pm - Ring of Steele Fire Dance


11:00 am   Opening Ceremony and Massed Bands

1:00  pm    Flint Scottish Pipe Band

1:45 pm     Cabar Feidh Pipe Band

2:30 pm     Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band

3:15 pm     Motor City Pipes and Drums

4:00 pm     Glen Erin Pipe Band

5:00 pm     Massed Bands

Music & Dance Workshops:

Noon: Saline Fiddlers, Brecon Stage

1:00   Step Dancing  (Sean Nos' workshop - very old traditional Irish step dance)  Marcel Lim

1:00   Tin Whistle workshop

1:00   Try an Instrument workshop and/or Purcell Pipes Demonstration

2:00* Motor City Irish dance           

3:00   Ceili called by Angie Bontje                     

             Music for ceili by Michael Bean and V  

4:00  Traditional Dance Demonstration: CommonWealth Dance Collective     

             Music for Demonstration by Michael Bean and V                                           

5:00* Motor City Irish dance   

*Tentative time; updates will be made as they are received

Competition Jousting:




Ring of Steel Schedule:

Noon: Circus Show 

1:00  Down and Out on the Barbary Coast - Pirate Comedy Fight Show

2:00  Pirates Noir - Pirate comedy fight show!

3:00  Circus Show

4:00  Down and Out on the Barbary Coast

5:00  Pirates Noir

6:00  Circus Show

7:00  Fire Show


Events to see throughout the day: (updated schedule with times to come)

Music & Dance performances
Ancient Athletic Games 
Jousting competitions

Sheep Herding demonstrations

Ring of Steel performances and interactive events

Pipes & Drums

Textile demonstrations

4:30 pm 
Wee Folks Parade, Festival Field
5:00 pm
Massed Pipe Bands

10:15 pm Grand Finale with all Artists, Main Stage
10:45 pm Ring of Steel, Fire Show
11:30 pm Last call in Beer Tent

Midnight Shuttle Service Ends

(This is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change.)

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