Millie the Mill Pond Monster & Friends

Millie the Millpond Monster

Millie the Millpond Monster is Saline's very own Loch Ness Monster who rises from the Saline River each year to delight festival goers.  Originally debuting as a single monster in 2003, the family has grown to including Millie's mate Angus and two offspring Patric & Moria.


Millie is a familiar member of the community. Her story has been the subject of television, radio and print media for years.  Her fame has spread across the state, the nation and even the world. 

A team of volunteers helps with river installation and extraction, operating all four monsters mounted on two river stage props with a combined weight of 300 pounds for the 10-hour shift by pulling control ropes and entertaining visitors with Celtic stories and explanations of the mechanics behind Millie.

Read more about Millie here: Legend of Millie the Mill Pond Monster

Millie's Friends

Millie isn't the only mystical friend at the Saline Celtic Festival!  Wander the grounds and you will find a mermaid flapping her tail in the river, a princess telling stories on Wee Folks Island, unicorns greeting you at the front gate, members of the 501st Legion sporting kilts, The Kilted Magician, and more!

Print up your own Flat Millie and take her with you!  You can color her in yourself, or bring a color version with you while you travel, and then tag us in your photos online with #millpondmillie or #salineceltic.  Click on the images below for a printable version:

Flat Millie Coloring 2019.jpg
Flat Millie Printable 2019.jpg

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