Quarantine Millie

~2021 Saline Celtic Festival to be canceled~

Music, dance, and cultural events bring people together in wonderful ways, and this past year we have missed that. As we approach our second summer in the time of Covid-19, event organizers all over the state and country are analyzing all aspects of potential gatherings, wanting to make the best decisions that will keep everyone safe.


The Executive Committee of the Saline Celtic Festival went over all state and local guidelines for public safety and ultimately came to the difficult conclusion that it will be safest to cancel our 2021 Festival. As outdoor gatherings are still being capped at low numbers, as Covid cases rise, and as we all try to do what is best for ourselves, our friends, our families, and our community, we know that this is a tough call, but a wise one.

See the full press release here.

Saline Celtic Festival